Our Green Policy

At Capel Tanrallt we aim to reduce our environmental impact in a few simple but effective ways. Through experience we have found the best way to achieve our aims is to provide a choice to our customers, this is the approach we use to encourage our guests to think green.


Due to stringent waste and recycling measures in Gwynedd county we have to ensure we recycle as much waste as possible.

To encourage recycling we limit the number of black bags allowed into the bin to 1 bag for weekends and 2 bags for weekly bookings. Providing everything that can be recycled is recycled this is easily achievable. If guests choose not to recycle and generate more black bag waste than allocated we will charge £20 per extra bag.

Recycled waste is collected weekly with no limit on the amount collected.

Non recycled waste is limited to one wheelie bin every three weeks.

Energy Usage:

All water and space heating at Capel Tanrallt is electric powered. As an incentive to our guests to consider their energy usage we charge our guests 14p per unit used. We have reduced our charge per night to take this into account. Most of our guests usually pay less per night when their electric charge is added than our historic all inclusive charge.

By charging for the electric we are allowing guests the choice to be considerate in their energy usage and save themselves money.